Media Center

Welcome to the CREST Media Center

The Media center is available daily for classes and individual students to come down to checkout books, work on the computers or SMART Table, or do a variety of STEM or Sensory activities in a calm quiet environment.





E-books / 
Audio Books

The Libby App is available through the Citrus County Library System with a current library card. Titles for Adult to Young Readers available. 

If your child does not have a Citrus County Library Card they can sign up online.

     Library Card 

  1. Go to their website-
  2. Click on  “Don’t have a library card?” Register Here! (Found at the bottom of their page)
  3. After you register, a Citrus County librarian will call your parent and give them your library card number over the phone so you can get started accessing Libby for eBooks right away.
  4. They will also mail your library card to you!

 If you need any assistance let me know!

Learning Ally

Learning Ally is a eBook / Audio Book resource that CREST students have access with a login. Learning Ally has titles for Grades 1 to Grade 12. 
If you are interested in utilizing Learning Ally email me at 

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is a website from the Screen Actors Guild where actors read story books online. This is a good site for younger readers. 

Local Newspapers

Citrus County Chronicle   
Citrus County Chronicle Online Edition

NIE Tampa Bay Times
Tampa Bay Times Newspaper in Education

Other Resources

Free Resources

This Padlet contains many Free Resources for all age / grade levels

Free Resources FLDE