What is CREST School ? 

Citrus Resources for Exceptional Student Transition (CREST) is a special day school for students with disabilities. The student population at CREST ranges from birth to age twenty-two. 

We are a Positive Behavior Support (PBS) school offering smaller class sizes and a higher staff to student ratio. The focus of CREST is to build on daily life skills, work with students on decreasing problematic behaviors, increasing verbal skills and academic skills so they are able to transition back to their home school or to their next goal with the skills that they were taught during their educational journey at CREST.

CREST Mission and Vision

The mission of CREST is to provide an enriching special day school environment in which all students achieve. By addressing our students’ unique educational needs, we facilitate successful integration into the community. Our belief is that all students can achieve regardless of their handicap. Innovative programs, instruction, and curriculum are defining components of CREST. Opportunities for participation and integration into our community are integral components of our school.​​ 

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CREST Calendar


 Calendar Update

Due to Hurricane Michael the following changes will be made to the 2018-19 Citrus County School Calendar:

First Semester (August – December)
- The 1st nine week window will now end on October 16.

- The following HALF DAYS will now be FULL DAYS of instruction for students:
o October 31st
o November 7th
o December 20th

- December 21st will REMAIN a HALF DAY for students and will remain as the 2nd nine week end of reporting window

Second Semester (January – May)
- All HALF DAYS will remain scheduled as is. The only change will be the purpose of one of the half days.
o March 14th will be a half day for Professional Development purposes. March 15th will remain a half day for Work Day purposes.

I appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 527-0303.


Lee Mulder, CREST Principal

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